A picture is worth 1000 words

This is just a quick post to get some more pictures up.  No real order here just some updates from outside the confines of the conference room.

The best thing I’ve done so far was to diving down in Byron Bay.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the area gets a good mix of big, [...]

Finishing up in Brissy

My last week in Brisbane was my most productive.  After making some good contacts at the end of the previous week at a carbon management seminar (and subsequent happy hour), I was able to set up some meetings with some folks from DERM, including the Acting Director of the Environment and Resource Science section.  We had a good discussion about some of [...]

National Science Week

Hello all,

I finally got access to this blog and I finally got my pics onto my laptop from the camera, so here’s the update from my second week in Brisbane.

All this week has been National Science Week throughout Australia.  To some this may sound as exciting as national paint drying week, but being the science geek I [...]

El Salvador weeks 5 and 6

The last two weeks here in El Salvador have been hectic. Week 5 I finished up the interviews in the community with the DVUD toilets. The acceptance of these toilets were greater than with the solar toilets, It also appeared that they had a better understanding of the use and maintenance of these toilets. About [...]

Ecotourism and The Galapagos

One of Darwin’s finches. They still show little fear which can be bad when it comes to moving vehicles..They were all very sweet and would crowd around me.

I’ve really learned a lot this journey and not only about knowledge and understanding I specifically pursued. I learned a lot about inner strength and determination.  I did really want [...]

El Salvador Week 4

Another week in paradise! I am truly amazed on how cordial the El Salvadorian people are, except when in comes to driving! We went back to Los Angeles to obtain more interviews and observe more latrines. I am finding that most of the households really do not have a clear understanding of the latrines or [...]


Endangered Giant Turtle. It’s estimated that these turtles can live up to 200 years old. That means this guy has lived through climatic changes, pirates, Darwin and who knows what else!

Darwin Science Center on Santa Cruz Island

Local Fish Market

I’ve certainly learned a lot the past few weeks. Visiting Peru and Ecuador mainland before staying in [...]


Valoree Skiles

Hi everyone. I´ve just been able to post to this site. I´m going to try and attach my previous posts onto here in a few days hopefully. This week has been interesting.
Two days ago, I thought I was going to die of sea sickness traveling to the Island of Floreana. I don´t think I´ll [...]

Celebrating Independence Day abroad

Jo-Anne Swensson

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As Americans celebrates their independence from English rule, I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to my citizenship in the country from which we fought for our independence. It was not as hard as I [...]

Life in London - Week #1

Jo-Anne Swensson

I arrived safely in London last Sunday and was able to acclimate rather quickly, the weather was reminiscent of Florida 80+ degrees and high humidity. It has only rained twice since my arrival, which is good because I’ve become quite the walker. The only away to get around is on foot and via [...]