Valoree Skiles

Hi everyone. I´ve just been able to post to this site. I´m going to try and attach my previous posts onto here in a few days hopefully. This week has been interesting.
Two days ago, I thought I was going to die of sea sickness traveling to the Island of Floreana. I don´t think I´ll ever get my sea legs! Anyway, today I interviewed two locals that were both born and raised here (different generations). It´s great to get the scoop from people that have grown up experiencing the highs and lows of government, regulations, and growth.
Here´s the link to the other blog site-in case you are interested

2 comments to Galapagos

  • vskilles

    After this trip, I hope to not be on any more boats! I will check out Sea Legs if there is a next time.
    I don’t know how Darwin did it..thanks for the advice:)

  • mshumangroh

    Valoree! I am so glad you were finally able to post here and send your other site. I’ve been searching under every name I could think of! I love the photos from South America and totally agree on the talking to locals aspects of our trips.
    As for the seasickness – I suffer terribly from motion sickness (pretty funny for someone who spends nearly every spare moment on, under or in water!). The only thing I have every found that works reliably is a a combination of lots of water (like sipping every few minutes), crackers and fresh air. The only medication I’ve found that doesn’t make me a zombie is Sea Legs and I have it sent to me from NEW ZEALAND!!! Fortunately my sis-in-law lives there. LOL
    I’m reviewing your posts right now. Stay well!