Celebrating Independence Day abroad

Jo-Anne Swensson

As Americans celebrates their independence from English rule, I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to my citizenship in the country from which we fought for our independence. It was not as hard as I had initially thought, thanks to Margaret Thatcher.

Today a bronze statue of our former President Ronald Regan was unveiled just outside the US Embassy here in London. The ceremony was met with all the fanfare one would expect for the man who helped to end the Cold War: attendance by former Secretary of State Condalezza Rice, music by the US Marine Corps Marching Band and American doughnuts and hot dogs. Many Brits were carrying flags of our two nations and “queuing” to have their picture taken with the statue.

Such a ceremony had me wonder how many statues of Americans are there in London? I decided to make it my Independence Day mission to find and photograph some American icons (and have a cheesburger and fries). Grosvenor Square Park is now home to three statues and a 9/11 memorial. Bronze statues of Dwight D. Eisenhower and Franklin D. Roosevelt look upon the park visitors with dignity and honor. Two more statues, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, are also in London and will be visited when I head over to Trafalgar Square and the House of Parliment during my sight-seeing trip.

Regardless of where I spend Independence Day, I am proud to be American and thankful for my freedom. Happy Independence everyone!!!

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  • mshumangroh

    There was a piece on the Reagan statue on the BBC this morning. The foundation is putting them in Budapest, Prague and somewhere in Poland as well.
    Enjoying your posts from London. Keep them coming!