Singapore Week 4

Shannee Green

Where do I begin……. Well first I want to really tell everyone that ¬†Singapore and the PUB are truly inspiring and innovative. I went on a total of 6 tours and 2 of the places I toured twice because I scheduled the tours before I knew the PUB was putting together a Internship Immersion [...]

Singapore Week 3

Shannee Green

Sorry for the brief intermission in postings, things are finally picking up and I realize each day how special Singapore is, in terms of sustainability.  Well I scheduled two tours for next week, one for the NEWater Visiter Centre and the other is at the Marina Barrage Reservoir. Each of these water supply systems [...]

Singapore Week 2

Co-Founder of Hotmail Pic( Naveen Singha) Dinner at the Newton Food Center

Shannee Green

This week has been spent talking to local citizens and getting a feel on there perspective on water. When I went to the PUB last week, I asked why I couldn’t purchases cases of bottle water and I they notified me that [...]

Singapore Week 1

Singapore from my Hotel Room

Shannee Green

Well, Week 1 in Singapore has been extremely insightful and full of cultural awareness. I had a pretty easy transition the night I arrived ( May 18,2011). I landed at 12:30am and caught a taxi to my hotel. When I got to the hotel, I found out that the [...]