Celebrating Independence Day abroad

Jo-Anne Swensson

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As Americans celebrates their independence from English rule, I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to my citizenship in the country from which we fought for our independence. It was not as hard as I [...]

Life in London - Week #1

Jo-Anne Swensson

I arrived safely in London last Sunday and was able to acclimate rather quickly, the weather was reminiscent of Florida 80+ degrees and high humidity. It has only rained twice since my arrival, which is good because I’ve become quite the walker. The only away to get around is on foot and via [...]

Let the research begin...

Sgt. Gironda and Me

Jo-Anne Swensson

So I am starting my research here at home. I went on my first ride-along Sunday with one of St. Petersburg PD’s Sergeants to track how much fuel is used, how many miles are driven, and to try to determine the amount of carbon emissions released per vehicle per shift. [...]