Ecotourism and The Galapagos

One of Darwin’s finches. They still show little fear which can be bad when it comes to moving vehicles..They were all very sweet and would crowd around me.

I’ve really learned a lot this journey and not only about knowledge and understanding I specifically pursued. I learned a lot about inner strength and determination.  I did really want to die on that boat to Floreana..I’ve never been so sick but I made it through in one piece. This has been a really rough couple months for me and I can’t wait to close this chapter.

Most of my information came from speaking with people including locals and business owners from the mainland and the islands. My biggest challenge is putting everything I learned together coherently with staying focused.

This is one of the iguanas. Their nesting areas are being disrupted in the more populated areas like Santa Cruz Island.

I hope you all could check out my link to my personal blog (I was having problems posting on this originally).  I have a cool little interview with an “eco-friendly” hotel worker. I’ve got some very good ideas for hotels from there and a couple other places:)

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