Change of Plans, Friday, May 27th

Maryhelen Shuman-Groh

On Friday, 5 days before departure, I received an offer to intern with the national water company.  I am now scrambling to rewrite my proposals and modify my packing to accommodate more ‘business’ clothes.  I will still be meeting with the folks in tourism and conservation with whom I planned my original trip but [...]

Sydney, Australia - Week 1 Down Under (5/22/11 - 5/28/11)

Joy Ingram

What a week this has been! I started the week with jet lag and ended it with “jet flu”, or whatever this head-chest-ear-throat-sinuses thing is! I think all those hours on the plane breathing that re-circulated air finally caught up with me. My project is in planning and strategizing phase for [...]

Accra, Ghana - Day 12 (5/28/11)

Maria Booker

Readers beware; I have a very different attitude today than I did on Monday. The inefficiencies of Accra are beginning to get to me, and I find myself more than frustrated.

Singapore Week 1

Singapore from my Hotel Room

Shannee Green

Well, Week 1 in Singapore has been extremely insightful and full of cultural awareness. I had a pretty easy transition the night I arrived ( May 18,2011). I landed at 12:30am and caught a taxi to my hotel. When I got to the hotel, I found out that the [...]

Accra, Ghana - Day 7 (5/23/11)

Maria Booker

Well, the first week is over. I was able to meet my personal deadline of submitting my revised proposal by Friday. My research objectives in Ghana will be to look at the differences in solid waste and greywater infrastructure between unplanned migrant settlements, indigenous communities, and developed high-income settlements and compare these differences to [...]

Accra, Ghana - Day 4 (5/19/11)

Maria Booker

The past few days have been spent acclimatizing and meeting with the key stakeholders in my project. I still feel anxiety when walking around town by myself, but it is lessening, and it lessened significantly after spending the afternoon with my Ghanaian host, Bertha.

The meetings with my stakeholders have led to a definition of [...]

Accra, Ghana - Day 1 (5/16/2011)

Maria Booker

Today, I arrived at Accra International Airport at 115pm local time. The flight was long and uncomfortable, but I was able to sleep. From the air, Ghana is greener than I expected. Upon arrival, I am concerned that they don’t even ask me for my yellow fever certificate at customs; I wonder how they [...]

PSGS Summer Internship Blog

Greetings students,

Welcome to the Patel School of Global Sustainability Summer 2011 Internships blog. You will be using this site to submit regular blog entries, photos, videos, and other materials to document and share your internship experiences.

If you are familiar with WordPress, the process of uploading and submitting your content will be a breeze, as the [...]